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Welcome to the Ironworkers Union Local No. 512 Website

Ironworkers Local 512 jurisdiction covers all of Minnesota, all of North Dakota, and 21 counties in western Wisconsin. We have 1,363 journeyman members and 281 apprentices in this local which is divided into three regions.

We encourage you to read through the information on this website and, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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ACAM elects Brother Larry Gilbertson as new President

The Apprenticeship Coordinators Association of Minnesota (ACAM) has elected Lary Gilbertson as their new President. His term will start April 18th, 2015. Mr. Gilbertson has been the Training Director for Iron Workers Local 512 since 2008. He has thirty years of experience with Iron Workers Local 512.
To read the entire press release please CLICK HERE


On Tuesday March 3, 2015 Federal Judge Patrick Schiltz told a Minnesota electrical contractor that his falsifying prevailing wage reports impacted his employees, his competitors and their employees. The Judge emphasized a need to deter these offenses.  Accordingly, he handed down a 22-month sentence and restitution of over $240,000. 

Congratulations to the MN Department of Transportation and the Department of Justice for bringing the importance of wage violations to the federal courts. Their enforcement benefits the industry. 

CLICK HERE to read the press release from the U.S. District Attorney’s Office.  

Join "Annie's Fight" -- The True Spirit of a 512 Ironworker

For nine years (seven hours short of full benefits) our sister was a proud Iron Worker.  She worked with our brothers, John and Eric and they all worked for my dad, Ole Wilner.   Ole is the former owner of Mid-Central Steel based out Minnesota.  My father owned Mid Central Steel for 35 years and both my brothers continue to work Iron.  Because of the wear and tear on Annie's body, she reluctantly had to leave her chosen career.  Since then she has had several surgeries on her spine at the locations of C4 and C5.  She was told if she ever even had a small accident, she could be paralyzed.  Then, our family's nightmare had come true.   Click HERE to read more about our courageous ironworker sister

Superintendent Training for Ironworkers

IMPACT and the National Training Fund will soon be publishing the new Superintendent Training for Ironworkers manual and conducting a blended-learning course based on the manual.  Click HERE to read more.

Journeyman Upgrade Classes

A new web paged has been added under the Members tab.  This page will explain the Journeyman upgrade classes that are offered. Click HERE to go to the page.

Trades showcase apprenticeship programs at Construct Tomorrow career fair

Ravinia Walker (R), a 21-year-old from St. Paul, watched as M.J. Fackler, a second-year apprentice with Ironworkers Local 512, demonstrated different methods of using wire to tie rebar together.

With college tuition on the rise, apprenticeships appeal to aspiring workers looking to start earning good wages right away. Most apprenticeships mix coursework with paid, on-the-job training, and some Building Trades apprentices are eligible for health insurance and other benefits as a result.

“From Day 1 you start with a certain wage, and as the union negotiates wages with the contractors, our wages go up along with the journeymen’s,” second-year apprentice M.J. Fackler told two young women visiting Ironworkers Local 512’s booth. “After two years, I’m up to earning about 90 percent of what a journeyman earns.”  Click HERE to read the full article from the Union Advocate.

Deadly Dozen Activities and Hazards


  1. Falls through unprotected or inadequate floor opening covers.
  2. Collapse of unsecured open web steel joists.
  3. Lack of fall protection and inadequate use of fall arrest equipment.
  4. Falls during installation of floor and roof decking.
  5. Material handling injuries during steel erection and reinforcing steel activities.
  6. Column collapse due to anchor bolt failure and/or insufficient concrete strength.
  7. Structural collapse of unsupported reinforcing steel columns, walls, and decks.
  8. Struck-by injuries from falling objects, tools, and materials.
  9. Caught between injuries during hoisting and rigging operations.
  10. Impalement from unprotected reinforcing dowels or other vertical projections.
  11. Electrical hazards and injuries from high-voltage power lines.
  12. Heat illness and toxic exposure to chemicals and air-borne contaminants.

Hey Wisconsin- Like Weekends??

From WI AFL-CIO Feb 25, 2014

The 7-Day Work Week Bill, Assembly Bill 667, has been introduced in the state Senate as Senate Bill 508. The Assembly Labor Committee held a hearing on AB667 on February 12, but did not vote the bill out of committee yet.  This bill would roll back the clock on worker rights and create an environment where workers are intimidated and pressured into working 7-days a week, every week, all year.  It is expected that legislators will vote on this ludicrous bill in the coming days or weeks.  This is a direct attack on workplace safety, families and communities.  For more click HERE